Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Eliminator 1- Episode 1

*Day 1*

Rita: Welcome to The Eliminator 1. Tonight, 10 complete strangers are gonna enter the house and they shall experience what people may call hell. However, there is no hell. There is only France. On this show, the contestants shall compete in the Eliminator competition. The winner of the competition shall get the sole vote to eliminate somebody from the show. However, at the final 2, the jury of previous contestants shall cast their votes on who they think deserved the title of being the winner of the Eliminator along with the million dollar prize money.

Rita: Let's introduce the contestants as they about to move in. Hello everybody!

Contestants: Hey!

Rita: Take a look around you. Around this crowd, you may find your worst enemy or your new best friend. Regardless, you shall come out of the house when you either won or get eliminated. You may all enter the house now.


Thomas: Hey you. Dude with blue hair.

Thomas: You're a frost giant.

Sky: A what?

Thomas: Don't try to hide it. I am Superman by the way and I shall kick your butt as you are a frost giant.

Production: Contestants, remember no violence in the house.

Thomas: Whatever! Just wait until I win the Eliminator competition. You will then go back to your home planet Jotunheim.


Thomas (in the diary room a place where you can talk about anything without the other house guests knowing): 
I know for a fact that the blue dude can't be trusted
Why's That?
Because he's a frost giant.
Do you have any proof that Sky is a frost giant?
Have you seen any blue person around lately?
Dude, John was green and Nocturne was black (not to be confused with brown)
Well, both of us aren't blue, so HA!


Rita: Okay guys. The first Eliminator competition will begin in 2 days. For now, we shall make introductions. You shall go first, Arianna.

 Arianna: Hi my name is Ariana. I'm 22 years old. I used to live in Sunset Valley but later moved to Starlight Shores. I now do a 100 baby challenge and I have 16 kids right now. 13 Young Adults, 1 10 year old daughter and twin 2 year old daughters right now. My kids are my life and why I'm in this competition. I also want to make new friends in this.

Arianna: Are you sure none of the other contestants will hear this?
Production: Yes. We are sure!
Arianna: I actually lived a depressing life and I want none of the other contestants to know this. My dad used to abuse me when I was 2. My mother tried to leave him (with my sister) but she was too scared because he threatened to kill me and my sister. We lived in fear everyday. Around age 10 I started getting bullied at school for my hair color. I couldn't tell anyone and thought about suicide but my mom and sister didn't deserve that. So I put on a smile and carried on. My mom, sister and I took off one night while my dad was at the bar though when I was 14. My mom soon found out the she was pregnant. She decided to do a 100 baby challenge. But later on she had a miscarriage because of my dad abusing my mom killing the baby. She went in full out depression, stopping her dreams of having 100 babies. My sister moved out and I had to take care of myself alone. My mom started drinking and smoking. As soon as I turned 18 I moved out. I moved to Starlight Shores, far away from Sunset Valley from all my dark past. I moved into a small house and decided to do a 100 baby challenge. That was the best decision I've ever made in my life. I got up to 13 kids when my 11th kid died in a car crash (along with my best friends son) My boyfriend (who I thought I loved) got drunk and was being disrespectful and just plain rude. I broke up with him. That and with my sons death I just went full out depression mode, just like my mom. I smoked, partied and got drunk all the time, letting my 5 kids I had living with me at the time raise themselves, including my 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Then once all my kids grew up I realized I needed to get my life together. I met an amazing guy named Liam. I felt an instant connection. We had a daughter who I named Danielle. She became my whole world. I then had twins. So now I'm living with a 8 year old and 2, 3 year old daughters. Me and Liam... Well I don't know what we are. He makes me feel alright, but I don't know what we are. So pretty much I'm looking to win to prove I'm more than that stupid ugly girl with teal hair. I'm more then a depressed freak. I'm here to prove that if you follow your dreams it will come true if you work for it. I'm also doing this to make more friends.

Snowden: Hey guys, how is everyone? I’m Snowden Carlike, fashion designer and judge. I know the latest fashion and the latest trends, so don’t give me any cr*p about being stylish, cos’ I’ll tell you if you are or you aren’t. Apart from that we’re gonna have a lot of fun... Hopefully. Haha.

Thomas: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Hi. I'm Thomas, I"m Irish and iIm NOT a leprechaun, in fact, I am a superhero, the best of the best. In reality I'm a driving instructor, however, I may be on the verge of getting fired after failing many young folk on their tests. You may realize me from The Mole, not very long ago I got executed in a double executed, but guess what? I'M BACK. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Alayna: Hello, I'm Alayna Slate. I think you all should know that I'm going to win. Haha, I'm kidding. The only way you would get on my bad side is leaving your things all over the house. Keep your stuff in your room, and we'll be good.

Bridgette: Um. Hi everyone. I'm Bridgette. I'm... how do I put this? I'm nice, I hope. I like to party. Oh. God. I don't know what to say. I am looking for some nice friends... or a nice friend.... or a friend. I don't discriminate, I hate people who like to be mean... and I am always straightforward... Ok that's all I have. I hope to get to know you all.

Celestia: I'm Celestia. Not Celest or Cele. It's Celestia. You got that? Good. I'm homeless at the moment so yeah... But I like it most of the time since it's just me, Fredrick, and Penny. They're my best friends. I could introduce you to them sometime. Oh look something shiny. I like shiny things.

Andy: Howdy, y'all! The name's Andy Landry, from Twinbrook. I like mixin' dranks, and I’m gone be the best dog gone bartender this side of the county, ya hear me? ‘Course, I’mma need some money ‘fore I can actually start nothin’, I reckon… but that’s why I’m joinin’ one of these reality t.v. shows, so I can win me some cash! Then I can take care of Mama and Daddy just like I promised ‘em.

Lilian: Howdy. My name is Lilian, you can call me Lili for short. I was born and raised in the South, hence the accent. I'm not gonna lie, I can be an airhead at times but I'm a nice person all around. I'm fiercely loyal so if you've got my back, I've got yours. Of course it goes the other way to, if you get on my bad side there could be trouble. Lookin' forward to meeting y'all.


Hayden: Hey, I'm Hayden! I'm on this show because I'm going to win, and I will take all of you down in the process, so yes, you should be very, very afraid of me! I dominate at anything athletic and I'm on the track to become a professional athlete. My dad is pretty famous for soccer. Shawn Castle. You've heard of him, right? Yeah, well I'm even BETTER than him. That's right Dad, you may be famous but I'm better than you! Not like he knows I'm on this show or anything, he could care less about me, we haven't talked since I left the house the second I graduated. But I don't need him or anything, I will win this show all on my own, and if you get in my way you'd better watch your back!


Sky: Hey everyone! My name's Raine... Sky Raine. Haha, sorry, just saw the latest James Bond movie and couldn't help myself... Which, ironically, is called "Skyfall" and my first name is Sky!! *ahem* Anyways. Moving on. My name is Sky, and I'm just your average Joe... Though I may not look like it. Why's my skin blue, you ask? Well, good question! And here's the answer: I'm Chromophobic. Which means I have a fear of colors... All but blue. And shades of black and white, but those aren't colors. If I'm near any other color- anything from yellows, reds, greens, and purples, I start to feel really uneasy. I mean, as long as I am surrounded by blue- light blue, dark blue, etc- I feel fine and am really comfortable. But if there's not enough blue around me I began to hyperventilate and shake, and can even pass out. So I wear all blue, and wanted my skin to be blue as well. Long story short: I have Argyria, which is a skin condition that turns skin blue after consuming a large amount of silver, which I did on purpose... yeah, don't ask. But now my skin is permanently blue, so yay!!
My obsession with the color blue carries over to foods as well. I'm actually allergic to anything that's NOT blue. Something to do with light rays and my fear of other colors. But yeah, pretty bizarre, I know. I can't eat most foods people enjoy, but I'm fine with that. I eat an endless amount of blueberries and m&m's... only the blue m&m's, of course. That's not all I eat though. I can add food coloring to a large variety of foods, like rice and noodles. As long as it's blue, I can eat it. Otherwise... I break out in hives and suffer from massive headaches. So it's better that I just eat blue food. 
Another strange fact about me: I'm Xerophobic, meaning I have a fear of dryness or just dry places in general. I always need to be near water or I'll freak out. Too long without water or somewhere cool to freshen me up I'll panic and feel like I'm dying of dehydration, even if I'm not. I absolutely love fishing, swimming, running in the rain, taking baths, etc. Anything to do with water: I like. Which is quite the opposite to my wife, Scarlet. Scarlet and I are soulmates, even though we are complete opposites- she's chromophobic as well, but she likes the color red. She's hyrdophobic, and is "Aquagenic urticaria"- allergic to water. Can you imagine? Being allergic to water?! Any contact with it and she suffers extreme pain! She doesn't mind though. She's learned to live without contact to water... it's only her skin though, she can still drink it. 
Like I have a thing for water, she has a thing for fire. She's a pyromaniac, that one! Which is probably why she's a firefighter... what a suitable job for her, eh? Speaking of jobs, I'm a pilot- I just love being up in the air with the nice blue sky and sometimes rainy clouds. I'm quite the opposite of Scarlet, who's also pteromerhanophobic... meaning she's afraid of flying. Which is too bad, because I just love flying up in the Sky! Oh, there I go again... Sky! Get it! That's my first name! ...Sorry. Bad pun. I'll stop talking now as I am getting really scared right now so I am heading off to the hot tub so that I can be more safer.

Snowden: Wait, let me say that your pants are totally unstylish.

Sky: Dude, you can not go around telling people what you are wearing something unstylish. That is just plain rude.

Snowden: Well, excuse me. Even a caveman suit would be more stylish than your pants as the caveman suit would be more matching than this.

Sky: Well, just because you are a fashion expert doesn't mean you shouldn't critique every suit that is bad. Sorry I'm just getting really moody as I haven't been near water in a while.

Sky: *stuttering* Wherrrrrrreeeee's thhhhhhheeee blllllluuuueee innnnnn thiissssss roooooooom? Anywaysssssssss, I haaaavvveeee a feeeeeelllllingggggg thhhhhaattt I ammmmmmmmmmm unnnnnnlikkkkkked innnnnnnn thhhhhhis hhhhhhhouse. Soooooooo, I havvvvvvveeeeee tooooooooo fffffffffform annnnnnn alllllllliaaaaannnnnnceeeeeee wittttthhhh sommmmmeeeebbbbbooodddyyy tooooooo heeeeelllllpppp meeeeee innnnnnnnn thhhhhiiiiisss gaaaaammmmmeeee.


Sky: Hayden, how about me and you form an allliance?

Hayden: I'm up for that if you answer 2 quick questions. What is your favorite sport?

Sky: Swimming because it has to do with water.

Hayden: Mine is soccer by the way. My question is will you promise me that we shall go to the final 2 together?

Sky: Um, I promise.

Hayden: Good! Because if we don't, I shall beat you up.

Production: Contestants, remember: no violence allowed!

Hayden: Just kidding guys!

Lillian: Wow! This house is awesome as it has it's own sauna. I ain't gonna lie but I never used a sauda before. However, am bout to use one right now.


"Andy": Howdy partner! Wanna talk?

Lilian: Swore!

"Andy": Would y'all mind if I join y'all

Lilian: Swore!


Lilian: So what do you think about this house?

"Andy": It's the awfullest.

Lilian: Rilly?

"Andy": I was only kidding.

Lilain: Oh! I'll swanee that I may have to make some decisions in the house cawse it is how the game is.

"Andy": Ah heard that.

Lillian: Anyways, I'm fixin' to git a mud bath in this sauna. This is the first time I used a sauna by the way.

"Andy": Rilly? You deserved a shindig by the way.

 Lilian: Actually, I think Iont think so.  

Lilian: Hot diggity dog! This mud bath is the biz. You try this mud bath.

"Andy": Iont think so. I've had the awfullest experience with a mud bath one time. How about I tried hydrotherapy?

"Andy": Am loving the hydrotherapy session. Didja enjoy your mud bath?

Lilian: Yes I did.

*Day 2*

Lillian: What time is it?

"Andy": It's 6:00 am.

Lillian: Hot diggity dog! We have been up all this time. Wow! That's shocking. Anyways, catch you later.

Lillian: Me and Andy were staying up all night in the sauna. I ain't gonna lie but he is quite fetchin' and we are quite a lot. I think me and Andy are gonna to git together sometime soon.

Celestia: So, today, I have decided to form an alliance. I have been alone all my life and I need some friends other my imaginary friends. Alliances are here to help you in this game and so you got to be an idiot to turn down an alliance.


Celestia: Hey, Bridgette, I have a quick idea.  How about me and you form an alliance? I will like to include Alayna or Arianna in the alliance and we can calll the ABC alliance.

Bridgette: Well, I always feel that I am alone so I shall accept the alliance. Also, why can't be in the alliance?
Celestia: Because I want it to be an all girls alliance. Also, who would you rather trust- Alayna or Arianna?

 Bridgette: I would have to say Arianna at this point.

Celestia: Okay, how about you ask Arianna to be in the alliance? How about you ask Arianna to be in the alliance  and if she somehow stupidly rejects the alliance, then ask Alayna to be in the alliance?

Bridgette: How about you about you, me, and Celestia form an alliance together? Together, we all shall go to the final 3 together.  How does that sound?

 Arianna: Honestly, I kinda have trust issues. I have to get to really know you before I form any alliances with you.

Bridgette: I understand.

Bridgette: I don't usually complain a lot but Arianna is kinda an idiot to turn down the idiot. It makes me suspencious that she has other alliances in this game. I am gonna keep a close eye on her.

Bridgette: So, wanna join an alliance between me, you, and Celestia?

Alayna: Um, sure! Is there anybody else in the alliance?

Bridgette: Well, I did asked Arianna and she said "No because she has trust issues and she has got to wait a little until we really know her before we can form any alliance with her."

Alayan: That's kinda of stupid. I think that she has another alliance some where else. I say that we make sure that she's the first one gone unless she ends up winning the Eliminator competition.

Bridgette: I agree with that!

*Day 3*

Rita: Welcome contestants to the first Eliminator competition. The eliminator has the sole vote to eliminate somebody. They better choose wisely though as the eliminator can not play in the next eliminator competition. This competition is called "Gotta Have Them All". I shall take you into to the play room where you shall play an Arcade game. The person with the most score in that arcade game shall win the Eliminator competition. Thomas, you are up first.


Thomas: Superman shall defeat these frost giants. *45 seconds later* Dang it! Superman lost.

Rita: What's the score?

Thomas: 44. That's isn't a bad score, right?
Yes, it is. It is a terrible score.
Why's that?
Because The Eliminator is probably gonna get about a hundred.
Oh really?
Yes, reallly!

Rita: Moving on!

*Sky is the last person to play the game*

Sky: Oh fudge! I've got a score of one.

Rita: Say what? Say what? Say what? How the ****  can you get an one? That's impossible. I am gonna make you go through a punishment for being in last place. Go to the diary room now.


Sky; Where's the blue in here again? So: as a punishment for scoring last, I have to wear a caveman outfit. This sucks.


*everybody luaghs at Sky *

Rita: As a punishment for socring last in the Eliminator. competition, I made Sky wear a caveman outfit until after the next Eliminator competition. Anyways, the first Eliminator is.......

Rita: Arianna with a score of 142.

Arianna: Yay!

Celestia: Dang it. I was one point away.

Alayna: I am definitely upset that Arianna won the first Eliminator competition. The person that was supposed to go home first won the Eliminator competition. Whatever, she'll be out sometime later. I can guarantee that.
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