Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Eliminator 1- Episode 2



Andy and I really hit it off the other night. He is quite the looker, I must say. We have a lot in common, since we are both from the South, n' he's such a gentleman. I have no idea what's gonna happen between us but I hope it'll be good. If not...then we'll see when we get there. 

Sky: This is utterly embarrassing. I have to wear this caveman outfit until after the next Eliminator competition. Anyways, where's the blue in here?

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*one hour before the Eliminator competition*

Snowden:Your hair looks so ugly. You need to dye your hair to a more natural color such as blonde.

Arianna: I am tired of you criticizing other people's looks.

Snowden: Sorry but I am a fashion judge. It's what I do.

Arianna: Well, can you judge other people's looks when you actually have to judge people's looks?

 Snowden: Look, I am a fashion judge. Judging other people's looks what I do, you ******* idiot. If you don't like it, then wait until one of us leave this ******* house.

Arianna: What happens if we are in the final 2?

Snowden: That ain't gonna happen, *****.

*after the Eliminator competition*

 Alayna: I can't believe how Arianna won the first Eliminator competition.


Alayna: That ***** should of been the first person eliminated but she had to win the ******* Eliminator challenge. Let me say that that ******* idiot is gonna be out next week.

Arianna: Um, what did you say?

Alayna: I said that you are a ******* idiot and that your *** is going home next week as you and your ******* *** can't compete in the Eliminator challenge.

Arianna: I'm sorry but you hurt my feelings.

Arianna: My feelings are hurt. This is just like high school. I am being bullied all over again.

*Arianna cries*


Sky: What's wrong?

Arianna: Nothing!

Sky: It doesn't sound like nothing.

Arianna: Well, it is something but I don't want to tell you.

Sky: Well, Arianna, were you bullied in High School?

Arianna: How did you know? I mean-

Sky: Don't be sad. I was bullied in high school for my fears and my skin. They insulted me a bunch of times. Some kids ended up committing suicide because they were bullied so much as the only way to get rid of the bullying is by dying. However, I wasn't one of those kids. I ended up surviving high school and life has gotten better for me since then. I am married to a wonderful girl who I loved a lot and now I am on the Eliminator. Do you have someone you loved?

Arianna: Well, I kind of do have someone I loved. His name is Liam.

Sky: See? If you were to give up on life when you were being bullied, you would of never met a man like Liam. Plus, you have an 1 in 9 shot at winning a million dollars. That's a better chance than winning the lottery.

Arianna: Thank you for that talk. Now, there has been some people bullying me in the house.

Sky: Then, eliminate them. You are the Eliminator.

Arianna: That is what I am gonna do.

Arianna: After my talk with Sky, it seems as if I can really trust him which is kind of odd since I have trust issues.

*Day 5 at 3:30 am*

Hayden: Man, why the heck are we still awake?

 Bridgette: I don't know dude.

Celestia: Well, we should think of something to do.

Thomas: How about we form a superhero team? I am superman by the way. Do any of you guys have super powers?

Celestia: Well, um, I can see things that aren't visible to other people.

Hayden: I can run super fast. Want me to prove it?

Thomas: Sure!

Hayden: I shall use my superpower in 3, 2, 1. *stays perfectly still* See, I ran so fast that you didn't even see me.

Thomas: Nice! Bridgette, what's your superpower?

Bridgette: Well, I can talk and control animals.

Thomas: Well, we don't have an animal in the house so we can't prove it. This reminds me of Max, Taiha, Dug, and Mr. Meow. Grey knew that Max and Taiha had pets in the house but he allowed them to have pets in the house because nothing can separate an owner and a pet. Too bad Grey just had to kill Nocturne. Anyways, Bridgette, your super hero name is Haylo Husky?

Bridgette: That sounds very familiar.

Thomas: Cesestia, your super hero name is Artist By Night.

Celestia: That sounds very Thomas-ish.

Thomas: Hayden, your superhero name is JoJo.




Thomas: Fine. Your new superhero name is MG.

Hayden: Much better.

Thomas: Together, we shall be called The Best Frienemies.

Lillian: Howdy.

"Andy": What's going on?

Lillian: Tonight's the eliminator ceremony. I thought I shall give you this good luck kiss.

"Andy": Holy hot dog! Does this mean we are together now?

Lillian: Yes, we are, you fetchin' cowboy.

"Andy": You are so purdy you know that.

Lillian: Me and Andy are starting a showmance. So far, hunkey dorey. However, we hve to be particular about the showmance as we could get eliminated because of it.

Rita: So. guess what? My friend told me that metal people like me can't have catchphrases. Well, Ozzy Osbourne is metal and he had a ctachphrase. It was "Shaaarrroooonnnn!" Anyways, tonight is the Eliminator ceremony. Arianna will vote to eliminate the first person in this game. But first, I want to ask a couple of questions.

RitaL You came in last place in the Eliminator competition. Should it be fair to say that you should go home first as you should of tried harder in the Eliminator competition?

Sky: Well, the thing is that I am already punished enough with this caveeeeeeeemmannnnnn outttttfiiitt andddddd thereeeeee areeeeee biggerrrrrr threatsssss innnnnn thisssss roommmmmmmmm. Sorrrry, I ammmmmmmm gettttting scarrrrreeddddd.

Rita: Like who?

Sky: Ummmmmm, Lilliannnnnnnn andddddd Andyyyyyy forrrrr theirrrr showmanceeeeee.


Rita: Lillian, how does it feel to have your name thrown around the bus for having a showmance?

Lillian: It sucks as I don't want to go home first for having a showmance.

Rita: Cestetia, you came in 2nd in the competition which could make you say that she is gonna be a huge threat in competitions. Can you make a case why shouldn't go home?

Cestetia: Well, we only have one competition and I could easily suck in the other competitions. I remembered Natalie from Big Brother 11 was good at the first HOH competition and she suck at the rest of the competitions.


Rita: Arianna, what is going through your head as you are about to vote?

Arianna: Well, there are two people that have bullying me and I am gonna vote one of those two people. 

Rita: Who are those two people?

Arianna: Snowden and Alayna

Snowden: Really? I didn't know I was bullying you.

Arianna: You insulted my hair.

Rita: Snowden, how does it feel that you may go home tonight for a hair insult?

 Snowden: Well, I'm a fashion judge. I jduge other people looks. If you vote me out tonight,  it would be a disgrace to us fashion judges.


Rita: Alayna,how does it feel that you may go home tonight?

Alayna: It will suck really bad.


Rita: It is time for you vote, Arianna. Remember the person who gets eliminated must leave the house immediately.


Arianna: I choose to eliminate Snowden because I hate it when people judge other people, I think everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

Rita: Snowden, you are eliminated from the Eliminator.

Rita: So, how does it feel to be eliminated from the Eliminator?

Snowden: It sucks as I was gone first and I could of had that potiental.

Rita: Well, I hope you will be still watching in the future. Thanks for playing Smarties/Snowden.

*Stay stune for episode 3* 

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