Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 13

Sky ended up giving Lillian some blue make-up and hair which Lillian is pretty upset about this.

Alayna and Bridgette tried to convince Hayden to eliminate Lillian since Lillian eliminated him sometime earlier in the game.

As it turns out, thanks to Alayna's and Bridgette's convincing, Lillian ended up being one of the two people eliminated at tonight's elimination ceremony

As for who the 2nd person eliminated, it came down to a decision between Bridgette and Alayna.

Hayden ultimately choose Bridgette to be the 2nd person eliminated at the elimination ceremony.

*Stay tune for Episode 14*

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 12

Bridgette feels as if she is in trouble unless she wins the Eliminator competition since Alayna eliminated Celestia her other ally. Alayna then told Bridgette that she will be sure that neither of them gets eliminated.

Lillian and Hayden faced off in a basketball match. Hayden ended up winning.

Sky ended up facing the winner of the last round Hayden. Hayden ended up winning that round as well.

(Pretend that Lillian is Celestia in the picture above)

For the Eliminator competition, the contestants watched the premiere episode of Survivor: China.

The contestants were then quizzed on the primere.

 In the end, Hayden won the Eliminator competition but Rita told him that this week is a double elimination week meaning Hayden will have eliminate two people for his reign as the Eliminator. Who will be eliminated at the next Elimination ceremony? Find out next time on the Eliminator.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 11

Bridgette continues with her multiple personalities as she soon has a personality like Celestia as she believes in imaginary friends.

Bridgette then ended up having an Alayna personality as she ended up having a huge fight with Sky.

Lillian then gave Bridgette a drink that reverted her back to normal.

Celestia made a secret final 2 with Hayden as Celestia feels as if she could beat him at the final 2 since Hayden is a returning player.

However, Alayna ended up overhearing this and so she decided to eliminate Celestia at the Elimination ceremony (which Arianna attended because of the fact she was a juror) due to this deal. Celestia became the 2nd member of the jury.

*Stay tune for Episode 12*

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 10

Alayna so happy that Arianna gotten eliminated that she ended up dancing in the sauna all night long.

Bridgette ended up eating Green Salad with Celestia. One of Celestia's imaginary friends ended up putting a potion in Bridgette's green salad which cause Bridgette to have multiple personalities.

Bridgette then ended up having an athletic personality similar to Hayden.

The next day, Bridgette ended up having a country girl personality like Lillian.

Then, Bridgette ended up having a personality similar to Sky changing everything about her blue.

The contestants competed in the Eliminator competition "Power Popper". The contestants must pop balloons in order to get puzzle pieces. After they got the puzzle pieces, they must use the puzzle pieces to make a puzzle. Whoever makes the puzzle first shall win this week's Eliminator competition.

Alayna finished the puzzle first therefore winning this week's Eliminator competition.

*Stay tune for this week's Eliminator competition*

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 9

Sky who was in an alliance with Hayden early on in the game asked Hayden to be part of his new alliance with Lillian and Arianna. Hayden gladly said yes.

Bridgette tried to make Celestia sane by not making her believe in imaginary friends. However, it ended up failing as Celestia still believes in her imaginary friends.

Lillian then told Arianna that she misses Andy who she showmanced with early on in the show. Arianna then told her that she missed her boyfriend Liam but it could be worth it as you could win the show or come back home with a lot of fans.

Meanwhile, Alayna went on to hack Arianna's blog. She then typed a blogpost on Arianna's blog that basically make everyone believed that Arianna disliked all of the contestants and went on her blog to talked about them negatively.

Alayna then read the blog post out loud making everyone upset at Arianna. Alayna ended up doing this just to get rid of Arianna as she strongly dislikes her.


So, at the Elimination ceremony, Alayna's plan worked as Arianna became the first member of the jury. The holder of the mystery power did not use the mystery power this week. However, he or she can use it next week.

(Sorry misteygirl for being eliminated. Stick around as you are gonna cast a vote deciding the winner for this season.)

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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Eliminator- Episode 8

Alayna talked to her alliance with Celestia and Bridgette saying that they will have to do anything to get rid of Arianna this week. Both Celestia and Bridgette agreed to this.

 Sky overheard them and he then asked Lillian and Arianna to form an alliance to get rid of Arianna, Celestia, and Bridgette. Lillian ended up saying yes since Andy her number one ally left. Arianna said yes despite her trust issues as she wants Alayna gone and she doesn't want to make another person mad art her for rejecting an alliance as she wants to make friends.

At the Eliminator competition, the contestants played a game called "Bring On The Apples". All of the contestant have 10 apples . They must give all 10 apples gives to the contestants by throwing their apples over a colored section representing each contestant (Blue for Sky, Yellow for Lillian, White for Celestia, Teal for Arianna, Purple for Bridgette, and Red for Alayna). They may give them to any contestant, including themselves, but they must give apple(s) to at least two contestants. They also can not have any apples left to spare, The contestant with the most apples without going over 20 wins the Eliminator competition. If somebody have over 20 apples, they will be eliminated from the competition.

Sky ended up had the most apples with 15 apples. He did not have more than 20 apples so he ended winning the Eliminator competition.

After the competition, it was announced that Hayden is back in the game due to Thomas being medically evaluated. Since he doesn't have the chance to compete and Rita wanted Hayden to have a fair shot at integrating with the remaining contestants, he will be immune at the next elimination ceremony. How would Hayden reentering the game effect the game and with a mystery power in play, how would the vote would go? Find out in the next episode.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 7

In this episode of the Eliminator, Maxwell (who is the twin brother of Max from the Mole) shows up at the Eliminator ended up heavily injuring Thomas as Thomas ended up injuring Maxwell on the Mole. This caused Thomas to be evacuated from the Eliminator.


 Because of that, the Eliminator competition is cancelled. However, they ended up holding a competition where the winner of the competition holds a secret power which nobody can know. Let's just say the power is a game-changing power that could hold the key to winning this season. The winner of the power is unknown to everyone. In the next episode, a major twist will be revealed that could impact the game.

(Artist ended up dropping out)

(Also, Sky is pink in this episode because I originally wanted to include a scene where somebody spray-painted him but I wanted the episode is to be out as soon as possible so I basically have this episode to be an episode where I basically revealed the only things really important)

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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 6

On this episode, Alayna admits that she still hates Arianna. Alayna and Arianna then got into a cat fight.

Alayna then gave Arianna a slap in the face. The producers then gave Alayna a warning.

Celestia told Thomas (who shall always wear his Superman suit for now) that she could not find her imaginary friends for days and she asked him to look for them.

 Thomas then looked all over the place. He looked in the kitchen.

He looked near the diary room.

He looked in the living room.

He also looked in the arcade room.

Thomas then told Celestia that he couldn't find them. Celestia then told Thomas that they decided to go to a party which only imaginary friends can go to and they are back now.

Bridgette tried to get Sky to face his fears.

However, that didn't work out well as Sky ended up freaking out.

He also fainted on the floor.

Andy took a bath washing his spraypaint off. While he was taking a bath, he told Lillian that he ended telling Lillian about what Sky did to him. They agreed to get rid of Sky if one of them wins the next Eliminator competition.

Andy then went to the diary room after his bath.

At the Elimination ceremony, after 12 hours of not seeing Andy, Rita explained that Andy had to leave the game for an urgent personal matter. As a result, the Elimination has been cancelled. Since Alayna did not receive an opportunity to vote out somebody, she will be able to compete in the next Eliminator competition. In good news, everybody who makes it here will be either on the jury or in the final 2 unless they either quit or be force-eliminated.

(Jim ended up having to drop-out.)

Stay tune for Episode 7.

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