Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 4

*Day 7*

(Imagine that there is a picture of Hayden in the diary room)

GAHHH! How did I lose again?? That competition was mine to win, but instead that puny girl Lillian won! If it was a physical competition, you can bet I would have won! Just look at how I beat up Andy. That was a piece of cake. He thought he could just call me a coward and get away with it? No way! I'm no coward! You hear that, Dad? Just kidding, daddy dearest probably thinks he's too good to watch reality tv, even if his own son is on the show. But you'll see, Dad, you'll all see when I win!

Omigosh, I can't believe I'm the eliminator this week. I so didn' think I'd win that one. Now who to eliminate? This is gonna be tough...Should I eliminate someone like Alayna, who was bullying people, but ended up apologizing for her actions, or someone I think will be a bigger threat down the road...? Decisions, decisions. Well... I guess I'll go with...


Lillian: But I am pretty certain on who I am gonna eliminate. 

Rita (through intercom): Well, too bad. Something may happen that may change your decision.

Sky: Thank god I get to change my outfit. My old outfit wasn't blue.


Alayna: Listen, Sky, I have a letter for you. It's from Arianna.

Sky: I thought you hated Arianna's guts.

Alayna: Well, we ended up making up. Anyways, here is the letter.

Sky: Wow! I am literally in shock! I did not know about these feelings that Arianna has about me. If Scarlet or Liam find about this, then they will kill Arianna. I better hide this note before anybody finds out about this.

Sky: This fridge seems like a good place to hide it.

Alayna: Okay, that letter was NOT from Arianna. I just write the letter and pretend it was from Alayna. That letter ended freaking Sky out which is what I wanted Sky to do.

"Andy": Listen, can you do me a favor Bridgette?

Bridgette: Yes.

"Andy": I miss my sister's homemade hush puppies. I was wondering if you can make them for me. I would ask Lillian but after that fire that she had, I don't she will be the best choice.

Bridgette: I don't know what hush puppies are but they sound dirty.

"Andy": Hush puppies are a Southern food made with cornmeal. They are small, round balls of cornbread and spices that are deep fried and often served with fish.

Bridgette: Well, I can think I can make them. They shall be ready by tomorrow.

"Andy": Cool!

*Day 10*

Bridgette: Okay, I have made the hush puppies for you. They are in the fridge. I also left a little surprise for you.

"Andy": Cool!

"Andy" then check the fridge and found the note Sky hide in the fridge. He then read the note thinking it was from Bridgette.

"Andy": What the f*ck? I did not know Bridgette has these feelings for me. If Lillian finds out about this, then she will kill Bridgette. I better hide this before Lillian finds out about this.

"Andy" then hides the note under the towels in the massage table.

Thomas: Listen, Hayden, would you mind being my personal work-out trainer? Superman needs to work-out too in order to have a better chance at beating the bad guys.

Hayden: I'm sure. With me as your personal trainer, you will be in top shape. Can you just do me a favor?

Thomas: Um, sure!

Hayden: I left something that I meant to give but I lost it. Can you go please find it?

Thomas: What is this object?

Hayden: You will know it when you see it. It is ssupposed to be a surprise.

Thomas: Well, have no fear. Superman is here.


Thomas then checked the towels under the massage table and finds the love letter. Thomas then reads the love letter thinking it was from Hayden.

What the **** is this love letter? Is Hayden trying to get me in some sort of trap.
No, you silly fool. Hayden is clearly gay and he has a crush on you.
Well, after my fail attempts with the ladies at the Mole, I don't do dating.
Well, sorry to hear about your fail attempts with the ladies.
I do believe that Hayden is kind of setting some sort of trap.
I highly doubt that.
I believed that Hayden said something about mingling it with the ladies a while back.
Well, he may closeted or bisexual. 
Well, that may be true. I will however not return Hayden's feelings towards me. I don't do dating but if I were, I would be dating women not men. I better hide this note in case any homephobes or strong republicans read this.

Later on, Sky then talked about the letter with Arianna making her think that Sky is in love with him.

Lillian thought Andy was cheating on her with Bridgette.

Celestia thought that Frederick wrote her the love letter.

At the elimination ceremony, everybody realized the truth about the love letter and how it was all fake. Well, almost the truth....

Arianna framed Hayden for writing the love letter. Because of that the love letter almost broke Lillian and Andy and because of the fact that Lillian thinks Hayden will be a future threat in competitions,

Lillian voted to eliminate Hayden.

*Stay tune for episode 5*

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Eliminator- Episode 3

Alayna:  I'm so lucky that Arianna didn't eliminate me. No, she's lucky she didn't eliminate me. She doesn't know what would happen if she did. The people in this house are making me go insane. I can't wait until I win.

*Day 7*

"Andy": Howdy Hayden. I bet you can't defeat me in a wrestling match.

Hayden: Isn't wrestling against the rules since it involves physical violence?

"Andy": No it isn't since we are doing it for fun. Considering we are both fit as a fiddle, let's do it unless you are a yaller dog.

Hayden: What's a yaller dog?

"Andy": A coward

Hayden: I'm not a coward. Let's wrestle now.

Hayden: Yes! I beat you!

"Andy": I ain't gonna give up like that. I declare a rematch.

Hayden: Fine by me.

Hayden: You lost again.

"Andy": Three out of Five?

Hadyen: No thank you.

Lillian: Ew, why are you naked Sky?

Sky: Because my caveman outfit wasn't blue.

Lillian: Are you gonna get in trouble?

Sky: They told me that I am allowed to change my clothes when I am working out, in the pool/hot tub, showering, and sleeping.

Lillian: Anyways, I am thinking grabbing a root right now? What do you want for dinner?

Sky: I can only eat blue things. 

Lillian: Well, how about you have my mother's infamous blue hoecake?

Sky: What's a hoecake?

Lillian: A hoecake is a small cake made of cornmeal. Wanna try it?

Sky: Sure!

Lillian: Well, first, you have to get dress. I don't like seeing people naked.

 It should be ready in a second.

Lillian: Oh no! I didn't mean to set off a fire.

Sky: OH MY ******* BERRY! OH MY ******* BERRY! OH MY *******........

Lillian: Oh no! Sky fainted. Is he dead? I better check if he is breathing or not.

Lillian: Oh good! He's still alive! Thank god!

Thomas: I smell fire. This seems like a job for.....



Firefighter: Hey everyone. I am here to take care of the fire.

Thomas: Let me take care of it. I am Superman.

Firefighter: Superman? You do know that Superman is a fictional character.

Thomas: Just because superman was a fictional character does not mean I can be him.

Firefighter: Well, I don't think you have superpowers as no person in this world has one.

Thomas: Oh yeah, let me allow you to see me fly.

Firefighter: Oh well. Fly then.....

Thomas: Okay, I will fly in 3, 2........

Lillian: Guys, I already took care of the fire while you guys were arguing.

Thomas: Hold on, do you have the superpower to put out fire?

Lillian: No, there was a fire extinguisher nearby.


 *Day 8*

Bridgette: Listen Celestia, I have been doing a lot thinking and.....

 Celestia: Shut up Penny! I am talking to someone.

Bridgette: Okay. Anyways, we need to get Alayna to apologize to Arianna.

Celestia: First of all, can you please be quiet Penny while I am talking to Bridgette? 2nd of all, why's that?

Bridgette: Because Alayna nearly got eliminated in the last episode because she hated Arianna's guts. If Arianna stays this week and she ended up winning the Eliminator competition, then hands down Alayna is gonna get eliminated.

Celestia: I agree and be quiet Penny. I am talking to someone.

Bridgette: Who the heck is Penny?

Celestia: Um, remember my superpower of seeing things no matter else can see.

Bridgette: I thought that we are making things up.

Celestia: Well, I have the superpower as I can see my two imaginary friends Frederick and Penny.

Bridgette: O_O

Celestia: I was extremely happy that I didn't get eliminated. Relief washed over me when I realized it wasn't me. Is it weird.... I sort of want to steal Arianna's hair. Which I know isn't possible, but Fredrick says I would look awesome with it. Not to mention I have stupid boring hair. Ugh! I wonder what the next competition will be? Penny am I rambling? Oh...

Soon, Alayna ended up apologizing to Arianna.

And soon, Lillian ended up winning the Eliminator competition. The competition was called Majority Rules. Rita asked your questions with two choices. The object is to not to base the answer on their personal opinions, but how they think the majority would answer. The minority of voters were eliminated each round. If there was a tie, no one would be eliminated. The last question will be a tie-breaker question. Bridgette, Celestia, and Andy were eliminated in the first round. Nobody was eliminated in the 2nd round. Thomas and Sky were eliminated in the 3rd round. Hayden was eliminated in the 4th round. Alayna and Lillian were the last two standing and they went to a tie-breaker. Lillian won the tie-breaker making her the Eliminator.

*Stay tune for Episode 4* 

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