Monday, February 4, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 6

On this episode, Alayna admits that she still hates Arianna. Alayna and Arianna then got into a cat fight.

Alayna then gave Arianna a slap in the face. The producers then gave Alayna a warning.

Celestia told Thomas (who shall always wear his Superman suit for now) that she could not find her imaginary friends for days and she asked him to look for them.

 Thomas then looked all over the place. He looked in the kitchen.

He looked near the diary room.

He looked in the living room.

He also looked in the arcade room.

Thomas then told Celestia that he couldn't find them. Celestia then told Thomas that they decided to go to a party which only imaginary friends can go to and they are back now.

Bridgette tried to get Sky to face his fears.

However, that didn't work out well as Sky ended up freaking out.

He also fainted on the floor.

Andy took a bath washing his spraypaint off. While he was taking a bath, he told Lillian that he ended telling Lillian about what Sky did to him. They agreed to get rid of Sky if one of them wins the next Eliminator competition.

Andy then went to the diary room after his bath.

At the Elimination ceremony, after 12 hours of not seeing Andy, Rita explained that Andy had to leave the game for an urgent personal matter. As a result, the Elimination has been cancelled. Since Alayna did not receive an opportunity to vote out somebody, she will be able to compete in the next Eliminator competition. In good news, everybody who makes it here will be either on the jury or in the final 2 unless they either quit or be force-eliminated.

(Jim ended up having to drop-out.)

Stay tune for Episode 7.

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