Friday, February 22, 2013

The Eliminator- Episode 8

Alayna talked to her alliance with Celestia and Bridgette saying that they will have to do anything to get rid of Arianna this week. Both Celestia and Bridgette agreed to this.

 Sky overheard them and he then asked Lillian and Arianna to form an alliance to get rid of Arianna, Celestia, and Bridgette. Lillian ended up saying yes since Andy her number one ally left. Arianna said yes despite her trust issues as she wants Alayna gone and she doesn't want to make another person mad art her for rejecting an alliance as she wants to make friends.

At the Eliminator competition, the contestants played a game called "Bring On The Apples". All of the contestant have 10 apples . They must give all 10 apples gives to the contestants by throwing their apples over a colored section representing each contestant (Blue for Sky, Yellow for Lillian, White for Celestia, Teal for Arianna, Purple for Bridgette, and Red for Alayna). They may give them to any contestant, including themselves, but they must give apple(s) to at least two contestants. They also can not have any apples left to spare, The contestant with the most apples without going over 20 wins the Eliminator competition. If somebody have over 20 apples, they will be eliminated from the competition.

Sky ended up had the most apples with 15 apples. He did not have more than 20 apples so he ended winning the Eliminator competition.

After the competition, it was announced that Hayden is back in the game due to Thomas being medically evaluated. Since he doesn't have the chance to compete and Rita wanted Hayden to have a fair shot at integrating with the remaining contestants, he will be immune at the next elimination ceremony. How would Hayden reentering the game effect the game and with a mystery power in play, how would the vote would go? Find out in the next episode.

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