Monday, March 11, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 10

Alayna so happy that Arianna gotten eliminated that she ended up dancing in the sauna all night long.

Bridgette ended up eating Green Salad with Celestia. One of Celestia's imaginary friends ended up putting a potion in Bridgette's green salad which cause Bridgette to have multiple personalities.

Bridgette then ended up having an athletic personality similar to Hayden.

The next day, Bridgette ended up having a country girl personality like Lillian.

Then, Bridgette ended up having a personality similar to Sky changing everything about her blue.

The contestants competed in the Eliminator competition "Power Popper". The contestants must pop balloons in order to get puzzle pieces. After they got the puzzle pieces, they must use the puzzle pieces to make a puzzle. Whoever makes the puzzle first shall win this week's Eliminator competition.

Alayna finished the puzzle first therefore winning this week's Eliminator competition.

*Stay tune for this week's Eliminator competition*

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