Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 9

Sky who was in an alliance with Hayden early on in the game asked Hayden to be part of his new alliance with Lillian and Arianna. Hayden gladly said yes.

Bridgette tried to make Celestia sane by not making her believe in imaginary friends. However, it ended up failing as Celestia still believes in her imaginary friends.

Lillian then told Arianna that she misses Andy who she showmanced with early on in the show. Arianna then told her that she missed her boyfriend Liam but it could be worth it as you could win the show or come back home with a lot of fans.

Meanwhile, Alayna went on to hack Arianna's blog. She then typed a blogpost on Arianna's blog that basically make everyone believed that Arianna disliked all of the contestants and went on her blog to talked about them negatively.

Alayna then read the blog post out loud making everyone upset at Arianna. Alayna ended up doing this just to get rid of Arianna as she strongly dislikes her.


So, at the Elimination ceremony, Alayna's plan worked as Arianna became the first member of the jury. The holder of the mystery power did not use the mystery power this week. However, he or she can use it next week.

(Sorry misteygirl for being eliminated. Stick around as you are gonna cast a vote deciding the winner for this season.)

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