Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 13

Sky ended up giving Lillian some blue make-up and hair which Lillian is pretty upset about this.

Alayna and Bridgette tried to convince Hayden to eliminate Lillian since Lillian eliminated him sometime earlier in the game.

As it turns out, thanks to Alayna's and Bridgette's convincing, Lillian ended up being one of the two people eliminated at tonight's elimination ceremony

As for who the 2nd person eliminated, it came down to a decision between Bridgette and Alayna.

Hayden ultimately choose Bridgette to be the 2nd person eliminated at the elimination ceremony.

*Stay tune for Episode 14*

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Eliminator 1- Episode 12

Bridgette feels as if she is in trouble unless she wins the Eliminator competition since Alayna eliminated Celestia her other ally. Alayna then told Bridgette that she will be sure that neither of them gets eliminated.

Lillian and Hayden faced off in a basketball match. Hayden ended up winning.

Sky ended up facing the winner of the last round Hayden. Hayden ended up winning that round as well.

(Pretend that Lillian is Celestia in the picture above)

For the Eliminator competition, the contestants watched the premiere episode of Survivor: China.

The contestants were then quizzed on the primere.

 In the end, Hayden won the Eliminator competition but Rita told him that this week is a double elimination week meaning Hayden will have eliminate two people for his reign as the Eliminator. Who will be eliminated at the next Elimination ceremony? Find out next time on the Eliminator.

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